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Zechariah 10:5 Together they will be like warriors in battle trampling their enemy into the mud of the streets. They will fight because the LORD is with them, and they will put the enemy horsemen to shame.

The Lord told me, “Go to the streets.” In the streets is where we will find some of God’s lost children. We are not battling the people there but the enemy that has held them there.


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Mya Sanders dancing..
Worshipping Warriors in action
Worshipping Warriors assigning duties..
Worshipping Warriors first event..

About the Artistic Director

Mya Sanders was baptized and received Jesus Christ at a young age at Bethesda Christian Church. She was given many gifts and is humbly grateful for God growing them over the years. She is the author of several self published non-fiction books and a passionate editor. She works with authors, bloggers, and writers to enhance their ideas in a way that best resonates with their target audience. She is a freelance writer for many companies. Mya is a Certified Reflexologist and Personal Trainer.

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